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How It Works

Find out how we’re helping businesses every day to build a foundation online.

Our Process

The first thing you’ll need to do is choose the right package to match your needs.

This will include:

  • How many page styles you want

  • The level of support you need

  • Any optional extras

  • Choose a monthly or annual subscription

Once you’ve chosen:

  • One of the team will send you your direct debit setup, this should only take a minute

  • Once your direct debit has been set up, we’ll begin on your website prototype

  • You will be automatically charged 7 days later. This is when we aim to deliver your prototype website – some are quicker than others

What next?

Once you’ve chosen the right package for your business and set up your direct debit we’ll need the following:

What we need to start:

  • Your branding (logos, colours and fonts) – We can also help if you don’t currently have this – contact us for more information

  • Any content for your new website (sitemap, text and images) – This can be from an existing website or new text and images – we don’t need this to start building your prototype website but helps

What we need to go live:

  • Your domain name, either the one you already own or the one you would like as part of your package (£10 limit, subject to availability. Check availability here)

  • Content – This will be the sitemap or site plan along with the text and images for those pages and anything else specific to your website.

Designing, building and delivering your website in a manageable monthly package

We take care of every aspect required to get your business online and set the foundation for you to succeed:

  • Once we have everything we need, websites are designed, built and prototypes are delivered in as little as 1 week

  • We do this by using our rapid prototyping infrastructure that has been designed with conversions, lead generation, SEO and Google Ads in mind

  • Your website will include free domain name*, hosting and SSL all in one manageable monthly (or annual) package

    *£10 limit, subject to availability. Check availability here.

Setting you up for success through optimisation and tracking

Get ahead of the competition with out-of-the-box optimisation and ongoing tracking.


Using industry best practices and our years of experience in lead generation, your website will not only be optimised for search (SEO) but also conversion rate optimisation (CRO).


Your website will also have visitor and conversion tracking set up from the beginning so you can see the number of visitors your website is getting, the number of leads it’s generating, and where they came from.

A foundation for success

We’ll take care of everything you need to get your business online in as little as one week.

This is delivered in one handy package with ongoing support once your website is live.

Contact us, use the pricing calculator, or start a project to see how we can build the foundation for your business online today.

Website Page Styles

Select the page styles you want and only pay for the ones you need.

About Page
Service or Product Page
Content Hub, Blog or News
Case Study or Project Page
Contact Us
Careers or Recruitment
Cookie Consent Manager

Price Calculator

Use our quick and easy pricing calculator to discover how easy it is to set the foundation for your business online, with websites from £1 a day.


How many page styles do you need?

Your website will be 4420   a month or 00 a year (excl VAT)
Includes free domain name, hosting and SSL
Prototype delivered in around 1 week
Responsive, mobile-friendly and optimised for search (SEO)

What our customers say

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with team from Foundation. They designed an excellent website that exactly matched my expectations and in a very efficient way. They also went the extra mile to respond to my queries. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again."

John Ward

Pengwern Associates

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Foundation to anyone with future website plans. Already we are seeing very positive results on what the website has achieved for us."

Jamie Rocke

Managing Director, JJ Rocke Builders - Construction & Trades


Can I add more page styles in the future?

Yes, you can. Just contact us whenever you’re ready and the team will help you update your package and website.

Is there a minimum length contract?

Yes, either 12 monthly payments or 1 annual payment to cover the initial work required to build your website.

Can I make changes to my website?

Yes, you can update your website with text, images, and new pages, such as blogs and service pages.

We have two options: Self-managed through a CMS (content management system) for no cost, or managed by us for £30 a month or £300 a year.

How long does it take to build my website?

After we’ve received your order, it usually takes around 1 week – this is also around the date you’ll first be charged. Once the first payment has been received we can deliver your prototype website.

Times can change depending on how big your website is – one of the team can advise you on how long this is likely to be.

I don’t have a logo or brand guidelines. Do I need this to start?

We will need a suitable logo and any colours or fonts associated with your brand. If you don’t have these, we can help – contact us to find out how.

How much will my website cost?

The cost will depend on the number of page styles you choose and the level of support you require.

You can use our price calculator or website planner to find out more

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